NBO, an abbreviation for New Business Opportunities, is built as a journey towards learning more about various sectors, locations and opportunities worldwide. Here, we bring up everything from starting a business without investment, up to how to scale up a company into a million dollar business in just a few years.

The founder of NBO started his latest online gaming business with less than €30 000 in capital, making it into one of Europe’s most profitable ventures in 2 years. Today, he aims to expand his business knowledge and online marketing experience into different industries and sectors, including properties (both buying buildings, renovating and selling them) and various e-commerce businesses. The founder prefer working with internet businesses from home, since it makes you flexible and gives your great opportunities. However, the risk can be rather high with e-commerce, since the potential that the major search engine will have to split their company into many more subsidiaries or risk being sued by the EU for antitrust violations. Within years, we might have quite different shopping behavior from today, not only in terms of which device being used (from computers to mobile phones) but also in terms of search behavior. Lets see what the future will bring and stay updated with NBO, your guide to new business opportunities online and worldwide.

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