Building with sunshineHere, we soon discuss various opportunities for those considering:

  • 1. Internet home business: There are many business ideas for savvy internet users working from home, that often can be learned rather easily. Some examples include, but are not limited to, web design, affiliate marketing, social media management. Other jobs such as an virtual assistant can also easily be managed from the comfort of your home. Some examples of profitable home business online are:
  • 1A. Testing websites and giving critical feedback can often yield €/$ 30-50 for 45-90 minutes of work. It will take some time to sign up, but once you are up and running, it can be a fruitful opportunity without any starting cost.
  • 1B. Doing a survey and getting paid.
  • 1C. Use a coupon to save money.
  • 1D. Monetize a blog in a niche that you enjoy. It can be from advertisement in the form of banners or Google Adsense, or from paid partnerships, or by selling or referring people to a product you enjoy. You can get started with a blog in minutes, using WordPress.org for instance.
  • 1E. Play and test games, while getting paid for it. Sites such as IndexDollars (for Americans) and IndexPounds (for Europeans) give you that option.
  • 2. Internet business opportunities: The world is full of alternatives. (more info soon)
  • 3. Small internet businesses: How to grow from a tiny business into a large and profitable corporation.
  • 4. Franchise: Here we discuss various franchise opportunities and give you the option to dig into cheap and low cost franchises, all the way into the top opportunities in this sector.
  • 5. Freelance content writing and more: Do you write quick or/and enjoy writing? Then becoming a freelancer at sites such as the content site Upwork, the broader Freelancer.com or the classic internet business opportunity, People Per Hour, allowing you to work around the clock. Another site with similar approach but sometimes lower quality is Fiverr. Finally, Guru.com can be an alternative option as a place to hire freelancers such a web designers, developers and translators.