Which sector?

There are a wide range of interesting sectors with a wide range of new business opportunities. Here are a couple of both fun, rewarding and highly profitable industries we are about to discuss:

  • Adult industry: The niche is getting highly competitive and harder to convert, unless you know what to target..
  • Air BNB Rental Arbitrage: How does it work you might ask? Well, first of all you need to get a rental contract for a apartment/flat/property in a prime location, preferable in the city centre of a town with over 250 000 inhabitants. Then you put it up on AirBNB.com or any similar service, such as HomeAway.com. The highest risk is probably that the landlord will kick you out, sooner or later, after complaints from neighbours.
  • Blockchain: Looking to create your “own coin” and making an ICO?
  • Clothes and underwear: Are you into fashion? This might be an opportunity in a niche market.
  • Consulting: Got long experience from a certain niche? You might have a good chance to start offering business consulting, online marketing consulting or any other type of service where you got in-depth knowledge and broad experience. Targeting high value industries can often be a good bet for consultants.
  • Electronics
  • Food:
  • Health:
  • Media:
  • Property:
  • Trading:

Have you got any suggestions about any other sector you would like to see? Contact us here.